Celeb Homes | Molly Sims

A house is not a home without personal touches. I love beautiful homes and I especially love to look at photos of celebrity homes online. It is so interesting because it always amazes me to see how they live. Sometimes you can find a celeb home and just say meh. It does not “feel” like the celeb at all. It seems like the interior designer ran with it. And then you look at some photos and you can just feel that the home is loved and lived in. And this is how this person lives.

I came across Molly Sims beautiful, gorgeous, livable (can you tell I am in love with this house) home. She and I can be friends in real life :).  You can read the entire article at Lonny.

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Turning 35

I turned 35 in November of last year. And as the new year came and went I decided to add a few “now that I am 35” resolutions to my list. Here it is.

  • Being more positive – i read somewhere that we should try to promote what we love instead of criticizing what we hate. So true!
  • Being more present – life really goes by at warp speed and before you know it you will look back at the years and try to make sense of it all. Be present in everything you do. Life is not a spectator sport.
  • Spend more time with people I love.
  • Read more.
  • Travel more.
  • Learn to swim – this is it.
  • Let go. It truly is not worth holding onto.
  • Drink good wine 🙂
  • Cook new foods.

Any new resolutions you are adding onto your list?