Australian Open Tennis

I love tennis. This is an understatement. I LOVE tennis!!! I love to play it and I love the clothes. My favorite brand is Nike and their collection for the Australian Open seems dynamic and fresh. Here are a few of my faves from the tournament. All items and images are from Tennis Warehouse (purchase them here) and the Australian Open site.

  • Maria Sharapova – love the dress. She did customize hers. I personally like the smaller opening in the back but I would have loved to see the original at the tournament as well.

rsrs (1) Maria Sharapova

  • Serena WIlliams – the color is so fresh and young. She customized her tunic to have a large cutout in the back. I think it’s super flattering. and light.
  • rs (2)Serena Williams
  • What I will be wearing. This outfit makes you look taller. Comes in three colors.

rs (4)rs (3)

  • I don’t usually wear Adidas clothes but I think their Stella McCartney dress looks amazing on Caroline Wozniacki. She is the perfect player for their clothes since some of the separates looked a little off on other players.  rs (5)rs (6)
  • Chrissie by Tail – I love this collection. No one wore it at the open but is a great outfit for the club level player.


Celebrity Homes

I absolutely adore Chrissy Teigen. If I knew her in real life we would be friends (wishes)! I love her instagram account and when I saw the photos in Architectural Digest of her and John Legends apartment in NY I absolutely had to share. The space is super livable but decorated with a timeless modern element. Some of my faves are below (the last one is from their house in LA). More pics can be found here. (My fave is the kitchen with the chess stools)!! 




A moment of truth

I had a birthday last week. 36. I feel old. I know it’s just a number and 36 is young but I feel old. The last two years have taken a lot out of me (emotionally) and I have added some serious poundage (physically). 6 months ago I found out that the last 11 years of my life have been a lie. I don’t even know how to process a statement like that. So I closed in and shut everything and everyone out. Hence the weight gain.

I sometimes feel like the world is an ocean and I am slowly sinking to the bottom. There are moments when I am not even trying to stay afloat. Do I want to sink to the bottom? No. Absolutely not. That is not the solution. I am doing the bare minimum to survive and that is not how life should be lived. I am trying to swim to the surface and get that euphoric feeling of fresh air in my lungs. It’s hard getting there. It is super hard staying there.

Change your habits

You cannot have it all. And I need to remember that. In recent months I have realized that I am indulging a lot when it comes to food. Daily afternoon Starbucks sessions – sign me up. Ice cream after dinner – yes please. Candy for energy – definitely! Four cups of coffee with cream and sugar – why not? On top of that I am not working out. So it’s definitely time I went on a “watch what you put in your body” diet. Nothing too drastic – trying to make sure I don’t indulge on things every day. Wish me luck!

Friday Faves

I see Friday Favorites post in the blog world all the time and I thought to do one as well. Super fun way to start off the weekend.

  • This one is old but there is something really raw and open in this video. 20 strangers kiss for the first time.
  • Magic by Coldplay – He is a GENIUS!!!!! 
  • Le Revenants on Netflix. In the words of Oprah the show is AAAMAAZING. I started watching it after reading a review of the Resurrection online. I love the French version a lot. The one on ABC has lost something. the-returned
  • My Breville Juice Fountain Plus.
  • Leveret Pajamas! Squeal.                                                                   images (1)
  • Spring weather. Although not loving the yellow pollen in the South.
  • Nike summer tennis collection.