It’s Time

I love to read. A while back I came across a phrase that has stuck with me all thru life. “The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference.” I seem to have arrived at a point in my life where I am indifferent to how I treat myself. I went into severe depression about 3 years ago and since then I have not taken care of myself. I don’t care what I eat; I don’t exercise. I am only 36 years old but I feel like I am about 50. I have to get out of this funk. And I am going to take control of the one thing in my life that I can control. My food. It’s time. It. Is. Time.

Celeb Homes for Sale | Jeff Bridges

I love Southern California living. The weather is absolutely perfect for indoor-outdoor living throughout the year and that helps maximize your living space. I stumbled upon these fabulous photos as I was browsing thru Architectural Digest this morning. I instantly fell in love with the meditation room. The house has a calm and neutral palette that adds to the peacefulness its surroundings. 81 32754

Click here for additional information and more pics.

Celeb Homes | Molly Sims

A house is not a home without personal touches. I love beautiful homes and I especially love to look at photos of celebrity homes online. It is so interesting because it always amazes me to see how they live. Sometimes you can find a celeb home and just say meh. It does not “feel” like the celeb at all. It seems like the interior designer ran with it. And then you look at some photos and you can just feel that the home is loved and lived in. And this is how this person lives.

I came across Molly Sims beautiful, gorgeous, livable (can you tell I am in love with this house) home. She and I can be friends in real life :).  You can read the entire article at Lonny.

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Dreaming of Spring

With snow all around us and more storms on the way I have to dream of warmer temps to brighten the mood. I went online to “dream shop” and came up with a few essentials I could use right now.

Spring 2015

  1. You can never go wrong with a good moisturizer. Philosophy is one of the best.
  2. Madewell dress. Perfect for Spring to summer transition.
  3. Ray bans.
  4. Florals are in this Spring. And these shoes are super comfy.
  5. Kiehl’s Argan Oil. The best dry oil out there. (<– currently using!)
  6. The perfect bag. I die.

No affiliate links. Just a few things I would love to buy 🙂

Celeb Homes

I have a confession. I don’t usually like a lot of Spanish Style homes. But this is one I can definitely see myself living in. It is an updated style to the traditional design and I AM IN LOVE. The pop of color (done very tastefully) along with the livability of the space defines balance and perfection. The home belongs to Bob Odenkirk (of Breaking Bad fame) and the images are from Lonny. Let’s swoon over these, shall we?

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