Australian Open Tennis

I love tennis. This is an understatement. I LOVE tennis!!! I love to play it and I love the clothes. My favorite brand is Nike and their collection for the Australian Open seems dynamic and fresh. Here are a few of my faves from the tournament. All items and images are from Tennis Warehouse (purchase them here) and the Australian Open site.

  • Maria Sharapova – love the dress. She did customize hers. I personally like the smaller opening in the back but I would have loved to see the original at the tournament as well.

rsrs (1) Maria Sharapova

  • Serena WIlliams – the color is so fresh and young. She customized her tunic to have a large cutout in the back. I think it’s super flattering. and light.
  • rs (2)Serena Williams
  • What I will be wearing. This outfit makes you look taller. Comes in three colors.

rs (4)rs (3)

  • I don’t usually wear Adidas clothes but I think their Stella McCartney dress looks amazing on Caroline Wozniacki. She is the perfect player for their clothes since some of the separates looked a little off on other players.  rs (5)rs (6)
  • Chrissie by Tail – I love this collection. No one wore it at the open but is a great outfit for the club level player.


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